Purse 2021

This Gucci Dionysus White Mini Is Under $1,000 And I Love It

A few times a year we cover designer bags under $1,000 and the main complaint I see with each of those posts is that the bags we are highlighting are not exactly bags, they’re glorified wallets with a chain. Prices of designer items continue to grow and many of us who are designer bag obsessed figure most bags are going to cost around $2,000, with many venturing into a much higher price bracket. These price tags are part of the reason more contemporary brands are able to not only emerge, but also flourish in this market.



I didn’t have enough money to purchase it for myself, but funnily enough my dad was on a work trip to NYC and wanted to get my mom a new bag. He called me and asked what he should get her, and I sent him to Gucci to look for this bag. The sales associate talked to me over the phone and they settled on this Gucci Dionysus White Mini Bag. My mom loved the bag.