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Introducing Bottega Veneta The Whirl

Bottega Veneta used to be viewed as a luxury sleeper brand. You could always turn to Bottega Veneta for tried-and-true classics, like the Veneta Hobo, the Knot Clutch, and countless other timeless designs. While most luxury bag lovers knew the brand, it wasn’t a brand people turned to when they wanted something fresh and modern, but that was ok with the bulk of Tomas Maier BV followers.

All that changed when Daniel Lee took the helm. Lee’s Bottega Veneta combines storied House history like the signature Intrecciato weave with designs that have become the the must-have items in the fashion world. First the Bottega Veneta The Pouch took over, in a way that few expected, and other favorites include the Bottega Veneta Cassette and the Bottega Veneta Jodie. While evening events aren’t happening as much right now, plenty are still going out for a socially-distanced dinners and many plan for more formal events in the future that need stand out statement items to complete the look.

Our forums were buzzing with excitement over the Bottega Veneta The Whirl and I, too, was looking forward to seeing this curvy bag in person. This clutch stands out with its curved lines, which give the bag its name, The Whirl. The rigid, three-dimensional design is covered in Paper Calf which appears to be on the thinner side. The bag opens and closes at the top with its magnetic frame is lined in Nappa leather on the inside.

One of the perks of being able to receive samples is my ability to inspect the bag in person to understand it better and share a more detailed review with you. The Whirl is a stunning piece, there is no doubt about it. However, it is a clutch that is smaller and that means if you have a larger phone (I have the iPhone XS Max), it won’t fit. Vlad has an iPhone SE and that does fit, so if you don’t carry a huge phone, this bag will fit your phone. The paper leather exterior isn’t super thick so it is more prone to showing wear, but I imagine a bag like this will be for special occasion carrying so it will be treated with more TLC than other bags in your collection. Overall dimensions are 7.1″H x 5.1″W x 2.4″D.
As with many Bottega Veneta bags, The Whirl is offered in a variety of colors, from neutral peach to bold hues. This is a bag that has me longing for my “old” life, the one in which I needed to go to an event and wanted a bag to wow everyone. I love the way The Whirl looks like a piece of candy and the colors are perfectly suited to pair with everything from jeans and a crisp white top to an evening look.

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